Peptide Therapy is a cutting edge treatment protocol within the fields of anti-aging, longevity and integrative medicine. Dr. Kevin Stasney at Years Younger MD creates a custom tailored and unique client specific approach that assists in the transformation of your body and mind. 

From a scientific perspective, peptides are short chain amino acids that are naturally occurring biological molecules. They are found in all living organisms and play key roles in all types of biological activities. The maintenance of appropriate peptide concentrations and activity levels are essential in achieving homeostasis and maintaining optimum health. Peptides are unique in that their structure, shape and length allow them to be essentially "fluid" biological molecules and act as either hormones or messenger molecules. In other words, these they are responsible for the way your body performs on a daily basis. Your Metabolism, energy levels, immune system, neuro-cognitive performance, and even sexual function, are directly effected by peptides.

This unique type of therapy is a far less invasive alternative to the traditional medical and procedural model of healthcare that unfortunately we have become all too familiar and complacent with. The body sees these peptides as naturally biological molecules which causes less strain. Peptide therapy is not introducing the body to something foreign, it is a rebuilding of your ability to heal and perform. The targeted use of peptides has the potential to change peak functionality, and ultimately generate a restorative trend towards anabolism and homeostasis.

At Years Younger, we pride ourselves in our professional, unique and caring approach to wellness. We strive to assist you in returning to a time when you felt, looked, and performed your best by developing customized peptide therapy treatment.