Most people become deficient in the essential vitamins that their body needs. While eating the recommended food groups and taking supplements helps, it doesn’t always get you where you need to be. IV Therapy is becoming the answer for anyone who wants a quick efficient fix. 

Feel Better By the Bag with our IV nutritional therapy.



IV Therapy has just the nutrients your body needs to be strong and healthy.



Rehydrate your entire body and have healthy-looking hair, skin, and nails.



Strengthen your immune system and fight off illness and allergies.

We offer personalized IV nutritional therapy at Years Younger Medical Spa. IV Better By the Bag therapy bypasses the GI tract, delivering vitamins, nutrients, medications and amino acids directly to your cells. This allows your body immediate access to the necessary cellular energy boosters to help with illness, recovery, fatigue, headaches and dehydration. This is not a substitute for healthy eating, staying out too late, or drinking too much, but it will help with your recovery and you will recuperate faster.


Better Hydrate, $100: Fluids and electrolytes.


Better Complete, $125: Myer's Cocktail: hydrate plus vitamin/mineral booster

(calcium gluconate, magnesium chloride, hydroxocobalamin, pyridoxine HCl, dexpanthenol, ascorbic acid, thiamine, riboflavin-5-phosphate, niacinamide.)


Better Wellness, $180: Hydrate, Myer’s Cocktail, plus Vitamin C.


Better Recover, $180: Hydrate, Myer’s Cocktail, and Glutathione.


Better All Around, $220: Hydrate, Myer’s Cocktail, Vitamin C, and Glutathione.


Better Athlete, $260: Hydrate, Myer’s Cocktail and Recovery.           

(caffeine, ascorbic acid, hydroxocobalamin, pyridoxine, dexpanthenol, calcium gluconate, magnesium chloride,

thiamine, riboflavin-5-phosphate, niacinamide).